Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: t-shirt time!

(did anyone else read the title of this post and think about Pauly D. from "Jersey Shore?" No? Just me? Okay........)

Today is one of my favorite kinds of days: overcast skies, wind blowing the falling raindrops on my windows, a yummy crock-pot full of fixins' for potato soup (with bacon!!), and a whole lot of energy to get stuff accomplished...which in turn gives me that wonderful accomplished feeling :)

So, this weekend the boys and I ("boys" includes hubbyman) will be going to see The Imagination Movers, and we are SO STOKED! My 2 year old loves the Movers so much and my 9 month old loves everything his big brother does, so it should be a blast! I wanted to make the day a bit more special and memorable, so I decided to make Imagination Mover t-shirts for the boys to wear, and they turned out so awesome!

A blue t-shirt (I couldn't find any plain blue t-shirts, so I got some that had a small design on  front and turned them inside out, clever, I know), some felt, puff paint and iron-on adhesive and this is what we ended up with (please forgive the not-so-great pictures):
Super cool right!!!!

The littlest man got one too, but that picture really didn't turn out so you don't get to see it.

So, that's what we've done so far today. Next up? Cleaning out the closet in the boys' room....which I've decided is really satisfying and un-satisfying all at the same time. Why? Because it feels so goods to declutter and organize but when I'm done the door gets closed and no  one sees my hard work...UNLESS I show everyone who comes over my closets, hmmm.....maybe I'll start doing that!


  1. Nice work!!

    And I totally get the whole closets thing... I have to give my hubby a guided tour when I'm finished, just so I can feel better about all the work I put into it! :)

    And thanks for entering the giveaway- your comment totally made my morning- so funny! Kids- I laugh at the things they come up with!


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