Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cheap thrills

I LOVE dollar stores. I had never been in one until I moved to southern California in 2001. My best friend, who I was lucky enough to be roommates with, introduced me to the wonderful world of dollar stores and I have been a customer ever since! My local Dollar Tree has tons, I mean TONS, of home decor stuff. Yes, it's not the same quality you'd get at Pier 1 or Cost Plus World Market or Pottery Barn but when you have 2 boys under 3, why would you want that awesome expensive stuff anyway? You wouldn't, trust me.

So, I hit up the Dollar Tree every 4-6 weeks or so to get some festive decorations (read: window clings) to match whatever holiday is around the corner (I went a little crazy with the Easter/Spring window clings, who can resist cute bunnies and flowers and bugs?) When I was at the Dollar Tree a few days ago, I also found this totally awesome wall sticker and I just HAD to buy it. For a buck?!?!? I didn't know the Dollar Tree had such cool wall stickers! Maybe this is a new thing??

I put it on the bedroom wall in the boys room

I love it.

As you know, I love quotes. As you also know, I don't like spending money. In other words, I totally scored! And the fact that I put it in the room my boys sleep in (ok, they don't sleep in there all the time) is even cooler to me.

Have you found any smokin' deals on cool stuff lately? I'd love to hear about it =)

Have a great day!


  1. It is a great quote Em and it looks great in the boys' room. I guess my smokin' deals are my family--but they're not a dollar, they're "to infinity and beyond." Okay, corny, but true! :)

  2. living in rexburg i'm lucky to have a DI right here in town!granted not everything at DI is nice.... but for christmas for erinn i found one of the kid cars that you sit on and push yourself around with your legs for $3! granted its a little old and doesn't have all of the fancy things on it, but erinn loves it

  3. Ooo- don't even get me started on dollar stores- LOVE!!
    Nice find! And great message to send to your boys. :)

    And girlfriend, thank you SOOO much for the sweet comment you left! I am totally blushing, gushing and humbly flattered by your words! I'm actually a horrible commenter, (I have a fool-proof stalk method) but last night I had some extra time (I know-what the heck is THAT?!) And decided I needed to be better at leaving little messages.... ;)

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!

  4. I also love dollar stores. I go to several different kinds. The ones that costs more than a dollar can have great deals too. I love it when I find name brand clothes for the kids for under five bucks. Nothing quite like getting a good deal!


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