Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Forts!!!!

It has been raining for quite a few days in a row here, which means we've spent a lot of time inside....too much time. I was struggling with Thrifty Thursday today because I REALLY wanted to get out of the house (even just a drive would be fine with me!) but decided I needed to stick to my guns and pull off a totally fun, thrifty day. And I totally pulled through =)  This is Thrifty Thursday FORT EDITION!

from this

to this!!! (yes, that's a cat on top of the fort)

Elliot thought it was awesome, therefore, it WAS awesome.
We took little breaks from the totally awesome fort to watch the birds. Elliot is obsessed with feeding the birds, and I must say, for $1.97 (the price for a bag of bird seed) it's a really really good way to keep a 2 year old busy!
here come the birds! 

So, Thrifty Thursday success once again! What do you do when it's raining outside to keep everyone happy (including yourself!)?

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  1. It's great to use your imagination(and you have a great imagination)to keep your cutie boys happy and busy! Love the fort and I can see Elliot loves it too--has he let Maxwell in yet? Caby Baby I'm sure is having fun too!

  2. Emily.. I love your blog. I your about me piece..I'm a SAHM but prefer to call it OTGM (On The Go Mom.. because we rarely ever stay at home!!) I love dogs and fresh cut flowers too (my favorites are sunflowers). My daughter is into acting (she's 8) and just started a drama workshop. Think it's great that you teach acting classes and piano! As for rainy, snowy, yucky days... fort building, games and putting the tent up in the living room are great!

  3. Totally love the fort. My girls like to make "Bear Caves" which is simply a fort out ot the couch cushions and several blankets. It is all on the floor and they will even picnic inside of it. We have done arts and crafts as well as picnic on the living room floor. I always try and find a craft that they haven't done yet. That way, they are excited to do it.

  4. @AnneThanks for the blog love =) I love how you prefer OTGM, I hadn't thought of that one!

  5. @Patty Ann ooh, a bear cave! That's definitely next on the list!!! Thanks!!

  6. Cool fort. My two year old would totally eat that bird seed if I gave it to her. Although, that could be another part of Thrifty Thursday- cheap snack! Every Friday since Bryan was about 3 I make popcorn and hot chocolate and we watch a movie. He's off playing with his friends now on Fridays but the girls so look forward to it. We call it "Friday Movie Popcorn Day!"

  7. @Laura ooh! Friday Movie Popcorn Day sounds awesome! Thanks Laura!!!

  8. HAHAHAHA ok so i tried to make Erinn a fort after i read this.... ya she cried i think it scared her.!!! oh well i tried!.

  9. @Audra,Tony,Erinn, and Jayne thanks for making me giggle =) sorry it didn't work this time.....don't give up, forts are awesome!!!

  10. Oh, how I love a good fort.
    And we feed the birds for entertainment here too!
    We just might be twins... :)


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