Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring randomness

I wasn't sure if Spring was going to show up here in Central California this year. There's been a lot of rainy, cold, overcast days (which I love) but I think we may get a few weeks of Spring before the Summer weather sets in. I love Spring....not as much as I love Fall.....but way more than I like Summer. The number 1 reason I love Spring? The flowers in my backyard.

I love love love flowers. Someday I'm going to have a huge garden of flowers. But right now, I'm busy growing my garden of boys =)

Another reason I love Spring: the weather is kind of nice enough to roll down the windows in the car and enjoy the outside air. Along with this comes listening to good music, you can't roll down the windows in the car without listening to good music. Good music and rolling down windows go together like a-ramma-lamma-lamma-ka-dinkidy-dinka-donk ("Grease" reference, in cause I lost ya).

Now, I drive a super smokin' awesome minivan. And sometimes when I drive around and listen to my kind of good music (which would include: The Rolling Stones, Cake, Franz Ferdinand etc) I feel a little weird. I mean, I'm driving a mininvan for crying out loud and listening to music that I used to listen to while cruising around in my super smokin' awesome VW GTI turbo (it was red.....and so fast.....). It just feels weird, like I SHOULD be listening to kidbop or Barney songs or Raffi...but I'm not, I'm rockin' the good stuff.

Anyways, enough about me and my weird ideas about the types of music you should listen to while driving a minivan. What kind of music do YOU listen to? Any good suggestions? I love suggestions! =)

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  1. I love spring flowers. Snap dragons are one of my favorite.


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