Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When they grow up

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It's funny that one of the writing prompts from Mama Kat's pretty much world famous writer's workshop this week is about what you think you're children will be when they grow up, because the hubs and I were just talking about this!

We'll start with the youngest, and that would be Caleb.

Caleb is adventurous. He is very independent. He loves to tear things and bite things and hit things and throw things. He is fearless this kid, nothing fazes him. He has a great sense of humor and loves to repeat any sound he hears. He is also pretty dang large for his age. He will be 1 in 13 days (ahhh!) and he has been wearing size 18 months for the last month or so. This boy is thick. Not much in the way of chubs on him (unless you count his adorable thunder thighs...which I don't, because they are so darn adorable). Caleb got the nickname "Moose" when he was just 3 months old because of his size. My dad frequently refers to him as the future linebacker of the family. And we pretty much agree. When Caleb grows up, I can see him being a sports guy. He's got the attitude and the size that's for sure! Such a great boy. Love him more than he'll ever know.

Now on to Elliot.
Elliot is smart. Very smart. His vocabulary rivals that of a 4-5 year old (he'll be 3 in June). He puts together sentences like no other 2 year old boy I've ever heard. He loves to read. He loves to draw. He loves to DANCE! Seriously, this kid can't keep still if there is music on, sometimes it looks like his body moves without him actually willing it to. It's pretty awesome. He is tall and thin and has a great throwing arm. He has an amazing memory and will repeat things that he heard days before for the first time. He loves to run and play, especially with his dog. He loves to cuddle. He is a little on the timid side when it comes to trying new things that look a little daunting but will throw himself around and "rough-house" like nobody's business. When Elliot grows up, I see him being an artist of some kind. A musician or a dancer or an actual paint on paper type. Such a great boy. love him more than he'll ever know.

It's amazing to think that I am responsible for these little men. That the things I teach them are the things that shape them. Such a big responsibility. I am so amazingly blessed to be their mother.

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  1. Love those little boys!

  2. pitterpatterchildrenApril 13, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    Love your little men. They are way too cute!! And as the mom of older kids, I promise that the time rushes by so very fast!!

  3. ugh, I can only imagine! And I don't like it!

  4. What gorgeous pics of your boys and sweet words about them. My littlest is a "peanut" instead of a moose...She's almost 1 year, too, and wears clothes that are 6-9 months. My oldest is 4, he talks nonstop. Uses words like "deciduous." And he corrects my pronunciation of dinosaur names. Cracks me up.

  5. I have an incredible talker too. It will be fun to see what our guys grow up to be.

  6. Those pictures are adorable. I have 2 girls but they are very much like your boys. My oldest loves art, reading, and dance. My youngest is insane and always up for an adventure.

  7. Great post Em and I agree the pics are priceless. I see some blogging/writing in Elliots future.. you said he is great with language/words. Maybe we'll read a book of his someday! What awesome little boys you have:)

  8. Yes, "peanut" is definitely a good word to describe your little girl! And that is one awesome vocabulary on your little man!

  9. Thanks Jessica! I'm working on my photography skills =) Sounds like we've got a couple of fun households!

  10. Thanks Anne! Wouldn't that be awesome if he wrote a book =)

  11. If I had my own children, I certainly would have chosen this prompt. I thought about putting a twist on it because I'm currently doing my student teaching and I often find myself looking at children and predicting their future.

    Isn't it amazing what we can see in the eyes of children? And, what we learn from their mannerisms? I love it! Just love it!

    P.S. Your babies are super cute!


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