Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Today I'd like to talk about the hubs.
                     The hubs and I met in high school, it's a good story actually.
I was a junior, he was a freshman, and we both happened to be auditioning for a little play called "West Side Story." I was sitting watching the male auditions and this tall, skinny, blonde haired boy got on stage and started singing "I've got the World on a string" by Frank Sinatra.

Before I go any further, you need to know that I l.o.v.e. Frank Sinatra.

Ok, so as this tall, skinny, blonde boy is singing (in his very nice voice) my heart starts to go pitter patter and I lean over to the girls next to me and ask them who he is. They tell me his name (which happens to be Ian by the way) and then proceeded to make fun of me for making googly-eyes at a freshman. I vowed then and there that this 15-year-old boy who could sing like Frank Sinatra would be mine, all mine.

Cut to a few months later, and he was :)

We got married 7 years after we met and I still love it when he sings Frank Sinatra.
This was a picture we took while we were supposed to be taking engagement pictures =)

Why do I tell you this story?
              Mainly because I'd like to point out what an old soul the hubs is.
I mean, what 15 year old boy sings a Frank Sinatra song for a high school audition?
This old soul of his was one of the many things that attracted me to him......but for some reason, the older we get, the more annoying the old soul part of him seems to be :) 

honeymoon! (Cozumel)
Sometimes he talks like we're 80 years old! Sometimes he talks about "really immature" people and I ask how old they are and he says "oh, like 26" and I reply: "'re 27........they can't be that immature can they?!"
His reply? "Trust me. I know these things."

Because he's an old soul. He just knows this stuff.

Yeah. He also enjoys things that people in their 70's enjoy. NOT THAT THIS IS A BAD THING (Grams.....) it's just kind of weird. He gets along way way way WAY better with people older than 60 than he does with people his own age. He's an old man trapped in a young man's body.

But really, no matter how weird or silly or odd I think it is. I kind of love it......

(This was a writing prompt from Mama Kat and I am also linking up with parenting BY dummies for Wordful Wednesday!)


  1. My husband says the same thing about my old soul.  Someone has to wind all the clocks.

  2. haha.  You're married to an old man-  mine is ACTUALLY 10 years older than me, but let me assure you, the older (read: responsible and NOT immature) one is not him.  cough cough.

  3. Wait a minute...if he's an 'old soul', why does he seem to be a funny/fun loving boy in all the pictures? ;)  Sounds like you have the best of both worlds... ;)

    WW: Curriculum Fair Fun with YoYo's

  4. Aww, cute story! 

  5. I don't mind your comment (about people in their 70's) at all!  It is NOT a bad thing, age is just a's how you live and treat others that counts.  I love your reminds me a lot of me and MY sweetheart!!  Only Grandpa didn't sing Frank Sinatra, but I knew when I met him when we were 12 that he was a very special guy! 

  6.  Well, I guess old souls can be funny/fun loving boys too! And yes, I definitely have the best of both worlds, thanks!

  7.  yes, someone does have to wind all the clocks =)

  8.  Very cute! :)! 

    I love Sinatra! How romantic!

  9.  That is a cute Hubs...better an old soul trapped in that young man's bod than the other way around eh?!

  10.  I know, how can you go wrong with Sinatra?!


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