Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Believe you can do anything

While reading "O, The Oprah Magazine" (thanks to my best friend in the whole wide world for giving me a subscription to it for my 29th birthday! oh yeah!) there was an advertisement for Champion sportswear that I came across. This ad had a picture of some random women jumping with a beautiful sunset in the background. Some very important words were written over this picture:

Believe you can do anything at least once a day.

I read that and I had to stop for a minute. Literally stopped, held still, quieted my mind, and just stopped. How many times do we doubt ourselves in a day? How many times do we talk bad to ourselves in a day? I know for me, it's a lot more than I'd like to admit (so I'm not going to.......)

What if we could believe we could do anything? And what if we told ourselves that at LEAST once a day? How awesome would our daily lives be if we could believe in ourselves that much? It.would.be.awesome.

So, believe you can do anything at least once a day.

I bet you'll notice a difference.

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  1. Wow, that's great, I shall try that!


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