Friday, June 24, 2011

Check check check, check it out

Instead of doing what I should be doing right now (folding laundry....oh wait! I don't think I've ever folded laundry in my life! Never mind, I guess I should be making dinner then) I'm going to write for a second.

It seems harder for me to write these last few weeks. I use to write every single day, now it's about 3ish times a week. It feels good to write, and I always love reading your comments, so thank you so much for them!

Tomorrow is Elliot's 3rd birthday, I can't believe it's here already! (I know, everyone says that, but they say it because it's true!)

And anyone have any tips on how to deal with a 1 year old who thinks he's already in his terrible two's? Seriously, the fits that come out of that little man surprise me every time.

Ok, I think it's time for me to start cooking, Elliot is walking around the house holding a domino to his ear pretending to talk on it like a phone. Apparently he is having a conversation with the hubs, his sister (who doesn't exist) and auntie Beaner. It's rather cute but I should probably feed him =)

p.s does anyone else love So You Think You Can Dance as much as I do?


  1. Caleb has to compete.  He will always be second to Elliot.  And you can tell...he adores Elliot but wants to be himself. 

    I am glad I am his Grandma....and not the Mama!  :)

  2. Hhmmmmm....maybe Auntie Beaner was really talking to him....that's why my dominos kept talking at me!


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