Thursday, June 9, 2011

Followup to the Six Word Memoir

Last Thursday, I wrote a six word memoir, here it is again just in case you forgot =)

This week I'd like to let you all in on the reason why I chose those particular six words.

Besides the obvious "You are married to a man, you have 2 sons, your animals are also in the male category (well, they were before they got "fixed")"

Obviously my life is run by boys. But did you know I totally called it? Before I was married, I always said that I knew I would be a mom of all boys. Once I got married, I continued to say it. When I got pregnant, I made a bet with one of my brother in laws that I would have all boys. And while the first ultrasound told us our first child would be a girl (and everyone started buying pink things), 4 weeks after that first ultrasound we found out it wasn't a girl at all (and everyone proceeded to return all the pink things).

So, my life is run by boys. A large boy (aka, the hubs) two smallish boys (aka Elliot and Caleb) and 2 furry boys (aka Samson the dog and Maxwell Silver Hammer the cat....yes, we're big Beatles fans). Who knows what the future holds, if there will be further boy additions to this family or if we'll all be thrown a curve ball and a girl will show up.

All I know is my six word memoir is definitely true: Life run by boys, loving it.

Have a great day!!!
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  1. Aww.. That's so cute.. I'm sure it's much less dramatic with boys instead of girls haha.. :) So cute!

  2. I never saw my life being run by boys but now I'm truly thankful it is!  

  3. Hi,. Visiting from Mama Kat's (I also chose this prompt).
    That's cool that you knew you'd have boys.  (I  "knew" I'd have a daughter. Surprise! A son!)

  4. I love it!!! My life is run by boys too.. I have more brothers than a sister, most of close friends are boys, I am married to a man, and now we're having our second child (another boy)... Oh, and we are Beatles fans too! :)


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