Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordful/Wordless Wednesday

Let's talk about Caleb a bit shall we?
  • Caleb turned 1 in April.
  • He started walking a week before his birthday.
  • He has a new scrape, bump, bruise etc every other day. 
  • He can communicate what he wants pretty darn well.
  • He thinks pinching is a form of love and it's my fault. I've been squeezing his legs since he was born and therefore he tries to squeeze me any chance he gets. His hands just happen to be smaller so it is never a squeeze, always a pinch.
  • He gets scared if the TV goes black, whether it's transitioning from a preview to a movie or if it gets turned off. It's probably the single thing he's afraid of. Weird, I know.
  • He is the biggest daredevil I know. Proof:

That's right, he is standing on top of a train. A train that has wheels. A train that you're supposed to sit on and wheel around the floor.
But what does Caleb do with it?
He stands on it.
Frequently I find him doing this. My reaction: "Caleb! What are you doing!!! Ahh!" and I rush to grab him before it slips out from underneath him.
This is just one example of how brave and adventurous he is.

In other words, I'm totally in for it.

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  1. He makes me smile--even while chasing him around :)

  2. Cute little guy... I surely did enjoy having you all here last weekend!

  3. Love it!  And I love how proud he is of himself standing on that train!  "Look, Mom!  I found a new way to use this thing!"

  4. proud would definitely be a good word to describe this photo!


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