Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brain things.

I don't have much to say.
Actually, I have SO MUCH to say...that I have no clue what to say.
You know how that goes, right?

My mind is swirling with thoughts. And not many of them are related. Or maybe they are...and after I list them here I'll see the connection?
  1. We want to sell our house but are worried we won't make enough to even break even so we're just starting the process of talking to a few different realtors to figure it all out.
  2. I want to enroll the crazy boys in a parent nursery school (it's a co-op type of thing and it's ah-maze-ing) but I'm struggling with myself over it because it costs a bit of money and I am such a frugal person.
  3. My dear sweat Elliot, who is 4, has decided talking back and even yelling "no!" at me sometimes is part of his life now. I wasn't expecting this to be a part of my life for some reason. 
  4. The hubs and I are in charge of some fun entertainment at a church activity this weekend and while everything is planned for, there are still a few loose ends that need to be wrapped up.
  5.  On top of all that, I was told last week that I'm having some heart problems. Totally 100% unexpected. I'm trying to figure out how all that works now and have to get more tests tomorrow.
So......after writing that down and re-reading it 17.4 times, I think I know what the deal is. I'm pretty anxious and apprehensive about #5 (who wouldn't be?! Hearts are kind of important!) so I'm trying to occupy my time with anything else. Maybe? Well, either way.....that's what's happening in my brain today.

You know what? I would LOVE it if you have experience with any of the above things and you felt like you wanted to share your thoughts with me. For reals. I would love it.

To top off this  craziness, I saw this last night and I thought it totally 1 million percent pertained to me. So, I'm sharing cause I'm cool like that:

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to tell me all of your deep thoughts about my crazy brain!


  1. Here are my thoughts:
    1) Selling houses is expensive. It's costing us 13k to sell ours, but luckily we will still net a good amount. It doesn't hurt to consult with realtors, you never know what will happen. But if it's not the right time right now, at least you have a cute house and cute people to share it with.
    2) If you want to enroll the boys, do it! The little bit of money will be worth it for them to learn, socialize and for you to get some more alone time to relax!
    3) Sorry, I have no idea. I'm trying not to shoot myself trying to change wrestle pants' diaper. I can't keep that kid down no matter what I do!
    4) Hot August Nights will be fabulous. Don't stress about it!
    5) I agree this is terrifying...I still feel excellent that everything will be okay. Not because I'm being optimistic, but just because I feel it. See? Feel better?? Haha. Love you!!!!

  2. I love what your little sister Katie sez.... and I probably would say the same thing. I know how it feels to think there could be a heart problem... I have had a couple of scares and tests show all is OK, just a little bundle branch block that flares up on occasion... just take it easy and don't over-do on the exercise routine -- running after 3 little ones is a lot of exercise already!!! Don't worry about Elliott talking back and saying 'NO'... that is part of growing up...and parenting too!! Wish I could be in the crowd at Hot August Nights, I know you and Ian will do a FANTASTIC job!!! Love you!!!!

  3. You're amazing! You have a lot on your plate these days. I agree with Katie, enroll the boys, there are other ways to be frugal. Being a parent is about giving, forgiving and loving. Love you Em!

  4. Elliot is being a normal 4 year old boy. I know it's hard to hear our kiddos do stuff like that but he's right on track. The previous comments are right on and you are going to be just fine in every way! I love you Em!!

  5. put the boys in the nursery school . . . i'll pay . . . . . . children change all of the time . .not unlike ourselves ! . . he too may be feeling a little overwhelmed and i bet some one on one time with you and Ian could be so helpful . . . there is a new baby in the house, a stressed mommy , and elliot is a very sensitive child . . some kids could probably ride right through the stressors, but he made need a little more time . . getting advice from a realtor is an excellent idea . . .but don't rush ! ! enjoy the lovely updates you've made for a little while until you have some equity built in . . . NO ONE will even know if loose ends are not straightened out . . . i'd let it go . . . . tomorrow we will know better about your physical health . . until then, put on a movie for the kids, put your feet up and eat a small treat that tastes luscious . . .

  6. preschool is great! you get some freetime and they get to make friends other than those you pick for them.

    Kids go thru stages...and some of them are not fun. but, Elliot is totally normal. its just a phase. I woudl lvoe to hear a no around here instead of "mom you smell like butt" and a miriad of burping sounds and the constant...eeewwww....who farted.

    As for the heart. You will find out what is it and what to do. It's hard to NOT go to the bad spot when you have 3 little ones running around you. I had a cancer scare just month after my Hubby died and Sophie was only a baby.....I was terrified. Made some amazing plans that never had to come to fruision.

    Selling the house...well, the market sucks and its not a sellers market right now. But, you are not always going to make money on a house. Sometimes you have to put faith in the Lord that if you dont make money this time...or even lose money that its for a good reason and a reason you can afford. because the next time...you could make a killing. Sometimes to have to make hard choices to the better good for your family.

    Church entertainment. It will be hard work but it will be something to get you out of the house. You can talk with people you wouldnt normall talk to. And get exposure for your business.

    BTW....have you thought about building a photobooth. I am thinking about building a photo booth for Errand Girl as a rental. wanna?????

    OK....you are in my thoughts and prayers


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