Monday, March 7, 2011

"me time" and other myths

I'm a big fan of "me time." Does that mean it's a regular part of my life? Heck no. Does that stop me from trying really hard to have it be a regular part of my life? Heck no. (P.s. adding the "heck" in front of the "no" is fun for me. Bear with me.)

Not only is "me time" incredibly important for me (and you!) but it's incredibly important for our families and other people in our lives.
"If you just exhale, what would happen? You have to inhale as well. When you replenish yourself in whatever way works for you, you have physical stamina and emotional resilience" (M.J. Ryan)
Isn't that an awesome quote? I love the part about having emotional resilience. I would love to have a little more emotional resilience. Now, being a mother of 2, finding some time for myself isn't always easy. I just so happened to read an article on simple and easy strategies for squeezing in a little "me time" and I wanted to share it! (Cause I'm cool like that) Here they are:
  • Go shopping solo. Even if it's just for the ever exciting task of getting groceries (ugh, I'm not a fan of grocery shopping) there is something so sublime about just going solo.
  • Get a pedicure. Yes, this is always at the top of my list if I have the money....which happens about once a year these days. 
  • Train for a race. (On foot people, not in your super hot sports car). A researcher from Vanderbilt University, who also happens to be a mom, had this really extremely good point about this one: "I thought I'd prefer pampering, but that just gave me time to think about my son, my husband, work, or the mound of chores awaiting my return. I couldn't shut down." Yup, that's me whenever I get a pedicure....I guess I should start doing something a little more productive than just sitting there getting pampered.
  • Connect online. (Hey! That's what I'm doing right now!) An editor name Erin Street from Alabama put it this way: "On good days and rotten ones, I know I can turn to my trusty online friends for thought-provoking reading and discussion—and I can even sneak that in during lunch or while in line at the cleaners." That is exactly how I feel about this wonderful world of blogging!
  • Learn something new. "Living a life of curiosity, in which we challenge ourselves to think and connect, is immensely satisfying...when we give up on being curious, we are simply sleepwalking through life." 
  • Get some fresh air. There are a ton of studies done that confirm the mood boosting effects of getting outside. 
  • Curl up with a good book. "If you have time to watch mindless television, you have time to read for a few minutes. And it may make you feel energized rather than euthanized."
  • Take a joyride. There is something so refreshing about jumping in your super cool minivan (alone), putting on music you enjoy and driving no where in particular...
Well, now that I've shared all that, my "me time" is up! Back to my wonderfully awesome daily life as a wife and mother :)

Thanks for reading! Want to share what you do for a little "me time?" Please do!

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