Monday, April 11, 2011

10 Minute Monday!

Last week I joined in the 10 minute Monday fun with Seriously, a Homemaker and have decided my house would appreciate me doing it every week.
So, it's Monday and here we are, 10 minutes spent on a spot in my home that has been driving me NUTS (and I tell myself I never have time to fix it. No longer people, no longer.)

it has begun

the juice cup cupboard! AHHH!!! (seriously, stuff falls out of this cupboard every time it is opened)

the solution? Pack up a bunch of mugs on the top shelf we never ever use and put them in the "yard sale" pile =)

this actually took me under 10 I lied when I took this picture....

This 10 Minute thing is good, I can handle 10 minutes at a time.

Have a super fantastic Monday!


  1. good job! are you yardsaleing your jack skellington mug? if so i will buy it from you and i will pay postage! if not then that is a very cool mug!

  2. Emily, I can do this I know I can. I have so mant 10 minute projects in my home, and even the ones that last longer, I can split them up!! And now that I cut my hair 3/4 of the way off. that took longer right there to wash, then 10 minutes, soo thank you so much for the great idea. It is amazing the things other people have to point to me that I should have thought of myself. This is why Heavenly Father has each other in our lives, to heil with even the little of things! YOU are a doll! Love you! Connie

  3. Sorry Audra, Jack Skellington is staying here, you'll have to find your own hahahaha =)


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