Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deep Thought Tuesday (and a birthday!)

First off, Happy Birthday to my little man Caleb! He is officially 1 today! We've been celebrating in various forms since Saturday but today, he's official :)

This last year has flown by so so fast. Literally, warp speed. Yesterday I was talking with the hubs about the future and I had to stop myself.....because most of the time I talk about the future. It's always: "I wonder what it's going to be like when the boys are teenagers?" "Do you think we'll make more money by then?" "Can we go on a really big vacation someday?" "Can you imagine how weird it's going to be to not have children in the house anymore?!" etc etc etc.

When I start talking like this, the hubs gets a little on the quite side (read: moody). He is definitely more of a "present" minded person.....while I, well, I think you know what I am. Though I am learning, focusing on the future all the time isn't really a good idea. I mean, it's good to have goals. It's good to strive for something. But if we're constantly thinking about the future, the present turns into the past......right?

I mean, look how fast this last year has gone by for us. A year ago at this time I was huge and hungry and sitting in a hospital bed getting hooked up to an IV and getting prepped for my 2nd c-section. Now here we are....a year later.....and that little boy who was born a year ago isn't so little anymore, and he's just going to get bigger and bigger....oh wait, that's the future.

I heard someone say once that thinking in the past creates emotions of guilt or the thought "I wish...." and thinking in the future creates emotions of anxiety or the thought "what if...." so living in the present is really the only thing that really REALLY makes sense.

If you stop and really think about that, it's totally true. Like, for reals.

I'd like to leave you with this quote by Abraham Lincoln:

The best thing about the future 
is that it comes
only one day
at a time.

I'm really grateful it comes one day at a time, cause those days are precious and awesome and perfect.


  1. And Caby is a fabulous little boy, just like his brother! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB! See you in a few minutes! We shall have fun and I will sing you birthday songs!

  2. P.S. One of my favorite Eagles songs is "One Day At A Time". It's okay to think about the future, especially when it comes to your adorable family! Love you Em!

  3. If I spend too much time with thoughts of the past, or future, I end up missing he present!


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