Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If you really knew me....

If you really knew, like really really, you would know that:
  • I have 3 sisters, I'm the 2nd oldest
  • I grew up in a great LDS (Mormon) Family
  • I used to fly co-pilot (with my Dad as pilot) in an airplane named "Woodstock" when I was about 6 years old
  • The first talent show I ever sang in was at a local community college and I sang "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel and got maybe 10 words right.....still to this day when I hear the song on the radio it makes me cringe with embarrassment.
  • There was a time in my life that I was really lost and I am so glad I found myself again
  • I can play 9 different musical instruments, a few of them really well
  • I said I would never co-sleep with my children, but then they actually showed up and changed my mind
  • I love Target
  • I am addicted to carbohydrates
  • I am really impatient. Like REALLY
  • I stress out about things that haven't even happened yet
  • Right now, my hair is the longest it has been since I was 16
  • I met my extremely good looking husband when we were in high school doing the play "West Side Story" (he was a Jet and I was a Shark.....)
  • Instead of buying new clothes, I sew up the ones that I have, which means I have been wearing the same clothes for at least 5 years
  • I fantasize about having a huge family, but then I think about how much that is going to cost me and resign myself to just 1 more babe (ok....maybe 2 if I can talk the hubs into it)
  • I have been cutting my own hair for a very.long.time. My mom jokes that they will put the words "Look Mom! I cut my hair!" on my tombstone.
  • I used to be really really good at kickball, they called me "steel boots" (I'm totally serious)
  • At my 8th grade graduation, I was speaking and the boys behind me were moo-ing. I blame them for my weight complex that still bothers me to this day....
If you really knew me, you would know that I love my family. More than anything. You would know that I cried as I wrote that last sentence because I'm an emotional girl.

If you really knew me, you would know I love you for taking the time to read all these silly things. Thank you =)

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Writing Prompt: If you really knew me.....


  1. i love you emily!

  2. And Dad and I really love YOU Em! Thank you for all you do do make your home a happy place to be! Your hubs and boys are very blessed to have you!

  3. hi! Stopping by from Mama Kat's...I feel you on the public singing - I humiliated myself at a drama club sponsored talent show in high school ::cringe:: and I wasn't ever moo'd, but I was called a whale and a cow in high school - after I'd lost about 30 pounds. That 11th grader in me was pleased to see the FB pictures of the now overweight classmates who made fun of me. Very pleased, indeed.

    Loved your post :)

  4. I know that pleasing feeling as well ;)
    thanks for visiting!

  5. i love you mom =) thanks for always commenting on my blog =)

  6. I love this post! I can see so much of myself in these things! All the little things from our pasts, really have a way of shaping the future.

  7. they really do don't they! it's hard to remember that sometimes. Thanks for reading!

  8. You're welcome! But I didn't find them silly it all:)

  9. i enjoyed getting to know you better, and I could relate to more than a few things you posted. I am very sensitive and emotional like you, and would cringe when I heard that song on the radio if I had a moment like yours. I have several instances like your last fact that have affected the way I look at myself for a long time too. I hate that we carry shame like that around and there isnt anything anyone can do to make it go away. Want to give you a hug for that *HUG* :) And I would love to know which instruments you play! I sing alto, and have played saxophone. Im learning the hammer dulcimer and would love to learn piano too. Glad I stopped by!!

  10. Thanks for the hug =)
    I play all the brass instruments, the piano, the cello and the guitar =)
    Go you for playing the hammer dulcimer, that's awesome!!!!
    thanks for stopping by!


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