Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: a BENCH people!

I don't really remember how it all started, I just remember thinking "I want to build something."

Enter Ana White. Holy cow totally awesome site.

I searched for something to build, something we could use, something that would cost less than $20 to make, something that wouldn't make me (or the hubs) pull our hair out while trying to figure out what the heck we were doing.....and behold, the farmhouse bench!

This project almost fell onto the ever-growing list of things I really want to do but don't have time for. Almost, it almost did. But then I remembered, I have a son who is turning 1 in 19 days (holy holy holy that's soon!) and we had the super smart idea to have his birthday party in our backyard and we have no where for anyone to sit (because who actually sits when they go outside to play? Not my almost 3 year old that's for sure)

Without further ado, the bench that our hands built:
We already built the legs before I remembered to document our hard work so you see them here as well as the frame for the bench

the hubs. I think he was kissing his finger cause he hurt it or something. But he may have been picking his nose too......

the bones of the project...a few more steps to go

completion! Ok, almost. I still have to stain it.

Isn't it awesome! We can't stop looking at it. I will sand it and stain it in the next couple days and post a final picture once that happens. I'm so proud of us!

You guys should totally build something too!!!!! Do it, it's FUN!!

(ps, I started pottie-training Elliot (who will be 3 in June) today too and he went pottie on his own TWICE already! SO AWESOME!)

(I linked up with Mique at 30 HandMade Days for this post!)


  1. Good Job...on the bench...and Eliot almost in big boy pants!

  2. I love, love, love your bench. I so love Ana White's site and this summer I am going to build something from her site. You guys did a great job on your bench. And happy birthday to your little one. We'll have to have you over this summer so that they can play with Laura's little ones. Enjoy your bench.

  3. Great looking bench!! Looking forward to seeing it in person! That is way cool about Elliot potty training. I'm sure he'll do great!

  4. love the bench! looking forward to admiring it on the big day of the party :) And potty training too! Tell Elliot Ya Ya is impressed!

  5. What a fab bench! We have a farmhouse table, but alas, no bench. just chairs. You have done a great job, so impressed! :-)

  6. That IS super cute...we need something like that in the yard too. Perhaps two of them and a big version for a table?


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