Friday, April 8, 2011

Too much going on in one day!

It's been a super busy day, which is why I have had nothing to say....until now *duhn duhn DUHN!*  (I'm not sure how you actually spell duhn duhn duhn, but I think you get the least I hope you do!)

I actually still really have nothing to say, so I'll show you this:

YES! I have the beginnings of marigolds! Who'd have thought when I planted them in their small egg carton that 1 week later there would be signs of LIFE! YES YES YES!!! (Notice the small egg carton has been a bit demolished since you last saw it. That would be Caleb, the adventurer.)

and this:

This is what the fabulous hubs did after finishing the last screw on the bench yesterday. He rested. And Caleb (the adventurer) was there to witness it. It really wasn't as hard as he is making it look, really.......

Alright, it's totally bedtime for a couple of cute little boys around here, which means
(I used to sign all my journals that way in elementary school! I learned it from watching Winnie the case you were wondering it stands for "Ta ta for now!")
Have a great evening!!!
Oh, and thanks a billion for stopping by!!

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  1. Yay for marigolds and for a fun family!


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