Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Most Rockin' Mom of All

The Most Rockin' Mom of All

We were born to rock
My mom knew this
All 4 of us girls
Just had that special "gift."
She made us instruments
out of cardboard
She popped in the Neil Diamond
and we were all floored.
"Today!" we jumped and screamed along
For that one was our favorite song.
 Us girls still talk about those funfilled days
How could we not?
We had the most rockin' mom of all.

My rockin' mom, and awesome dad, me (with the huge smile and closed eyes next to my dad) and my super great 3 sisters.
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  1. That's great you had a creative musical family! What fantastic memories to share.

  2. What a fun memory! It's so refreshing to see passions passed down from a mom to her daughters or sons.

  3. Oh Emmy, thank you! Being your Mom has always been fabulous and all of the things you, your sisters and I have done together have been so wonderful! Those cardboard instruments began yours and your sisters' wonderful love of music. Watching all of you dance and play those instruments to "America" still brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy because I have the most amazing daughters!! I Love You!!

  4. thanks Janelle! she definitely instilled passion in us!

  5. They are fantastic memories, thanks Jackie!


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