Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 TV Shows that really need a comeback

It's Thursday, which means I'm taking my cues from Mama Kat. This week it was a total no-brainer. The hubs and I talk about this ALL.THE.TIME.

So, in particular order, 10 TV Shows that sincerely, honestly, truly, really really hecka bad, need a comeback (in my humble opinion).

1. Kids Incorporated. This show rocked my world.

2. Double Dare. So awesome.

3. Full House. Seriously, Uncle Joey was hilarious.

4. Are You Afraid of the Dark? I loved me some scary kid stuff.

5. Salute Your Shorts. That was some funny stuff. (Maybe, my memory could be a bit cloudy)

6. Doug. The theme song still runs laps in my brain.

7. The Mickey Mouse Club. 90's style. How would we ever have Britney or Justin or Christina without them? (Not that I really care about Britney or Christina......notice I didn't mention Justin....) (and am I the only one who remembers "The Party?")

8. Step by Step. I guess one of the characters (Cody?) got busted for domestic violence not too long after the show ended........but it was a good show!

9. Clarissa Explains It All. Enough Said.

10. The Cosby Show. I know they'd all be grown up and old....but I can never get enough of the sarcasm and the awesome song and dance numbers.

The hubs would question my sanity if I didn't at least mention Ren & Stimpy and Pete & there, I mentioned them.

So, what shows did you LOVE? Want to share?
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  1. Easy for me...there were NO TV shows when I was growing up!!

  2. The Cosby Show was our family favorite on Thursday nights.  We all sat together and watched it--Full House too on Friday nights.  Lots of great memories with most of the shows you mention Em, watching most of them with you and your sis's.  GREAT memories, great fun!
    For me, I remember growing up watching Leave It To Beaver, My Three Sons, Mr. Ed, Green Acres, Dennis the Menace, Ozzie & Harriet, Batman, The Monkees, and on and on.  One of my favorite memories is watching Bonanza with my Dad.  We usually watched it with big bowls of ice cream! 

  3. I loved the Cobsy's too. The grandparents were wonderful.


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