Monday, July 11, 2011

Savor and Share week 4

Last week, it was all about savoring and sharing your sisters
The week before? Savoring and sharing with your girlfriend.
And before that? Savoring and sharing with your family.

This week is all about savoring and sharing the hubs. Well, you can savor and share your hub and I'll savor and share mine =)
he's a silly goose
I wrote about how the hubs and I met here if you're interested. It's some pretty good stuff.

gotta love the 3D glasses at Disneyland =)
I don't know about you, but it's pretty easy to get stuck in a routine that runs around the kids and before you know it, the fun and excitement that used to swirl around your relationship with your husband..... well, it's still there, definitely still there, don't get me wrong. All I'm saying {and I HOPE you know what I'm talking about!} is it's easy to get caught up in the everyday things that happen and forget how important it is to cultivate the special bond you have with the man {or woman, I'm not gonna exclude anyone here} in your life.
Yes, we snorkeled. Yes, he's a pirate, can't you tell by the tattoo?
So this week, will you join me in making your relationship with your hub a bit special? A bit different than usual? Get creative, you don't have to have a weekend getaway {heaven knows, money doesn't grow on trees at my house}, just do something different. Savor and share ladies. Savor and share.


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