Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Moments I Would Live Over Again

I've been so far removed from the blog world the past few months that I've missed this really cool opportunity to link up at one of my favorite blogs, Moments That Define Life, for her {listable life} posts. I was reading through my reader (that's a weird sentence) and saw her post from last week and thought I just had to jump in for this week. You should totally check it out and participate if you aren't already! This week, I chose the prompt of 5 Moments I Would Live Over Again. Without further ado:
(ps, I apologize I don't have any pictures attached to my list, I'm using a different computer and none of my pictures are on it!)

The 5 Moments I Would Live Over Again

1. The day I got married (the first time)
No, I'm not divorced and remarried (and there is nothing wrong with people who are....just sayin), The hubs and I had a wedding date set for June but decided we wanted to get married sooner so we "eloped" and got married in an extremely small and sweet ceremony 6 months early, in December. I spent the day I got married with my two wonderful Disneyland. Yes, it was awesome Then I went home, got dressed, drove to the church and got married that evening. It was such a wonderful day.

2. Watching the hubs hold his first son for the very first time
I have a picture of this moment, it is the most precious picture of all time. The hubs is sitting on a hospital bed, in blue hospital scrubs, holding a tiny little boy in his arms, staring at him with the most sincere look of love and happiness in his eyes. It is priceless.

3. The sound of the first cry as my children have come into this world.
I will never forget the way I felt when I gave birth to my first son. Hearing his first cry, the hubs and I were both overcome with happiness and couldn't hold back the tears and smiles. Our second son was born 22 months later and he didn't cry as quickly as he should have. Of course the panic sets in and when that stubborn little boy finally let it rip, the relief was so great and it felt so so good to hear him. In 2 short weeks (yeah right, they'll be the 2 longest weeks of my life), I will hear another baby cry for the first time. This time it is supposedly going to be a girl, our first (and last) daughter. I am SO looking forward to it.

4. Sharing an incredibly hard burden with my parents 
When I was younger, I was carrying a very large burden alone. I was scared to talk to my parents and kept it to myself for too long. If I had only known the love and support that was waiting for me in my parents arms, I would have confided in them sooner. I know I would not have the close, loving, special and trusting relationship I have with my parents today if it had not been for that moment when I shared my burden with them and they helped me make it light.

5. Watching the hubs graduate from college
This hasn't happened yet, not until May, but I am SO EXCITED for him! This is something he has been working so hard at for SO LONG that it just fills me up with the greatest sense of pride and love for him. The moment his name is called and he walks across that stage (I'm sure he'll have a tear or two down his cheek.....sorry hubs, but you will) will be so incredibly amazing. I am so proud of him. Even though this moment hasn't happened yet (3 more months!) I can guarantee you I will want to live it over and over again. 

So, there's my 5. I'd love to hear yours!
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  1. We're so very proud to be your parents!  We Love You!!  Your awesome Mom & Dad :)

  2. I love you Emily!!   These are beautiful moments that will not ever be forgotten!!! 

  3. This post is so heartfelt and I found myself saying YES! Me too! The first cry is something I'll never forget with my oldest and that moment when it hit me that we had created this little beautiful, perfect human being. There is nothing comparable in the world.  And #4, I only hope that my girls will feel they can share anything with me should something difficult arise like that. I'm so glad that you finally shared with them so they could help carry you through. Thanks SO much for linking up. I loved your post.

  4.  Thank you Nicole! And thank you for giving me the opportunity to sit down and think about it!!

  5. I love this post and it makes me want to do one for myself. I think it's so important to remember the awesome things in our lives, even if they felt burdensome. You're amazing Em. Thanks for sharing this little piece of you with us. 


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