Thursday, May 12, 2011

My best friend

Date: Summer 1999
Place: Band Camp
Time: After "lights out"

We were roommates. She was on the top bunk and I was on the bottom. We both played the trumpet. We were both super awesome and full of energy and giggles.

Late one night, the most feared horrible creature of all time came into my view.....a spider!!!! Dun dun DUHN!

Little did I know, but this super awesome girl who also played the trumpet (and was full of energy and giggles) who was sleeping on the bunk above me was a master spider killer! (Ok, I know there are those of you who are against killing things, even spiders, but this had to be done....sorry). 

She totally saved the day ( was night) and I was so scared of a return assault by the spiders to avenge the death of their brother (or sister) that I slept in the same bunk as this super awesome girl who also played the trumpet (and was full of energy and giggles).

Today, I call her Beaner. Back then, her name was Lorena. Well, her name is still Lorena, I just don't call her that :)


And that my friends, is the story of how I met my best friend.
Great right?!

(ps Hubs, you're my best friend too)


  1. I'm pretty sure you were on the top bunk next to mine, and I didn't kill the spider, I took it outside with the dust pan. I think ou saw the bugger when you were crawling up to get in bed...but you did sleep with me, and details don't really matter because a spider made us friends! I love you and appreciate all you do and continue to do for me! Love you Em :)

  2. Everyone should have a friend so brave!

  3. As I was writing it I was like "Wait, was I on the top bunk next to her or the one below" so I give myself credit for half remember right :)

    And now that you mention it, I remember you taking the spider out and not killing, has it been that long that I forget all the details!?

    love you!

  4. Ha! That is a great story of how you became friends with Beaner. Good thing she was a master spider killer. You might not have made it through the night with that thing crawling around the room.

  5. Awe! I loved your story!  Great before & after photos- lovely girls, lovely ladies! :)  My bestie and I have a crazy bug story ourselves!!! New follower from MamaKat's. 
    xo- Muffy 


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